Richard and Ingela Larsson Smith

Richard and Ingela

Horses for Orphans is led and run by Richard and Ingela Larsson Smith. Beginning the project in 2005, Ingela was joined by Richard in 2008.

Richard and Ingela's vision for Horses for Orphans is, that facilitated by the establishment of these projects worldwide, young leaders will begin to emerge and defy their statistical odds, not only succeeding, but passing on that success to their peers and subsequent generations. This is set in motion by equipping orphans and the underprivileged with both horsemanship and life skills.

Richard was born and raised in Canada and discovered a passion for horses later in life. Ingela was born and raised in Switzerland before moving to the UK where she advanced in natural horsemanship to an internationally recognized professional level. Richard and Ingela love spending their time with orphans and the underprivileged. Together they travel full time to share the love of God, to help people discover and reach their life purposes and destinies, and to begin and oversee the Horses for Orphans projects.

Richard and Ingela's desire is to know God and make His heart and His love known. They impart a passion for Jesus and a hunger for intimacy with Him. Their passion is to equip others to come into a deeper relationship with Jesus, to gain a better understanding of the healing of the human heart, to excel at communication with horses, thereby causing people to grow in leadership, communication, team skills and confidence.

They have created the H-Factor System, a program designed to equip others with the necessary skills to pursue a career with horses and to come into a deeper understanding of their own heart and their relationship with God. The H-Factor system is the foundational material for the Horses for Orphans project.