Horses For Orphans Newsletter Christmas 2013

Dear friends of
Horses for Orphans

We have good news to report! After much searching we had found the perfect place for the new horse project. It is a small farm near Anapolis (about 1 hour from our previous project and about 2 hours from Brasilia) with a beautiful view. Most of it is flat and on top of a slight hill. There are 38 varieties of fruit, three simple houses, a big chicken pen, 50×100 meters for building of a horse arena and plenty of grassland.
No one had lived in the main house for 3 years and a caretaker stayed in the smaller house. The farm was in need of a lot of restoration and re-constructing to be functional, but the moment we walked into the property, we felt the peace of God there and knew this was the place He had for us.
It is so fun to belong to Jesus. He made everything possible, from providing the finances for us to purchase the farm to connecting us with all the people we needed for all the legalities and the restoration.
In November, we set off with a team from Canada, England and the USA to sweep, rake, burn leaves, clean, plaster, paint and to fix pipes, toilets, mosquito screens, the water tank and the electricity.
We accomplished everything that was needed, so that our son Reginaldo and our team leader Emma could stay there after we flew back to Canada. Emma will help Reginaldo until the end of December, and we will return to him in February. The farm is now not only liveable, but wonderful.
Two of our sons, Fabricio and Patrick stayed with us for the whole time we were at the farm and 6 of our younger sons came to visit for a weekend. We had a lot of fun!
Now we are just missing sofas to sit on, some more beds, fence lines in the horse pasture, an arena and of course horses, but then we will be fully up and running!

And now it is Christmas…

We love to celebrate with you the very reason for Christmas. The miracle that happened more than 2000 years ago. The day that God decided to become man and put Himself as a baby (Jesus) into the hands of two teenagers (Marie and Joseph); to live a sinless life in close relationship with man on earth and at the end to give His life for us on the cross. Because of the sin fall in the garden of Eden, the relationship with God was broken and every person that was born since has the nature of the fallen Adam. With that nature, we can’t help it but sin. We need a new nature. We need the nature of God. We can’t do this ourselves by trying to be good. So God did it for us. Why? Because God loves us. He wants to be in relationship with us. He is the creator. He made the universe and He made us. He is holy. He is just. HE paid on the cross for our sin and gave us the opportunity to receive a new nature. Everyone that believes in Jesus and receives Him, receives God’s own nature, therefore their spirit is born-again and they becomes His child. Adopted into His family. Forever. With the gift of everlasting life.
This is the greatest news there ever was and is and will be.  
With this we wish you an amazing Christmas. Be blessed with more joy than you are able to contain and the reality of His peace that transcends all understanding.

You are loved,
Richard & Ingela and the Horses for Orphans team

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