Maple is proving to be a wonderful mare that is a great blessing to our older boys as well as the kids.

Maple is a Mangalarga cross, born approximately in 2011. She was semi-wild when she was donated to us in March 2018. When we went to get her, she was very scared of humans. It took us a while to get near her. We gained her confidence and where able to touch her and put a halter on her. Douglas named her Maple Syrup, because her colour reminded him of his beloved Maple Syrup pancakes. We learned that when she was younger, she had injured her hind leg very badly, and was put into a shoot to be treated. After that she was released again, and no one handled her since. Maple responded amazingly to the love we offered her and overcame her fears in record time. We brought her to the Wild Horse Farm, where we introduced her to being ridden. From the beginning she showed a lot of willingness and interest in connecting with us. All our horses accepted her very well into the herd, except Yankee. He chased her hard and put her into a corner and double barreled her relentlessly. We had to separate them, and it took several months before we could turn them out together. Later in 2018 we discovered that Maple was pregnant. In November 2019 her foal Eragon was born.

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