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Horses for Orphans Newsletter and Christmas Greetings 2017

It is Christmas season, the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus – God with us. God is worthy of our praise and we have immeasurable amount of things to be grateful for! We wish you all a very blessed and wonderful Christmas time and pray that you will know the love of God and experience His peace during this season in an even greater measure. May these coming days be filled with joy.

Horses for Orphans Newsletter November 2017

This newsletter will be a little different than normal, as it is written by one of the project's volunteers, Elisa Waijers, who spend the months February and March of this year at the Wild Horse Farm with Ingela and Richard.

Horses for Orphans Urgent: Base leader April 2017

Horses for Orphans Brazil urgently needs a base leader for the month of April 2017. The days are flying by and the end of Richard and Ingela's current stay at the Wild Horse Farm is nearing.

Horses for Orphans News and Mission Opportunity January 2017

Richard and I are heading back to Brazil in a couple of days to take care of the boys on the Horses for Orphans base until the end of March. Several team members will be joining us on this trip and we are planning to restore the third house on the property as well as teach the boys English.

Horses for Orphans News and Mission Opportunity October 2016

Richard and I have safely arrived in Brazil and from day one the challenges began. First we had a power cut and therefore also no water. Then one of our horses crashed through the arena fence at a gallop at midnight, after having been spooked by cars that were racing by, and broke a main post with six rails attached. But God is good!

Horses For Orphans Newsletter June 2016

Today, Richard and I are off to Brazil until the beginning of August. We are excited to see our boys Douglas and Valdemir and our base leader, Darren Parker, who has been taking care of them since the beginning of April. He has done a fabulous job, supporting the boys on their personal journey as well as helping them with school and taking care of the horses and together they have lived through much and overcome much!

Horses For Orphans Newsletter March 2016

Sitting on our porch, sheltered from the hot sun, Richard and I smile at each other. It’s Friday morning and our son Valdemir is home – this time for good. It’s been three years since our efforts to adopt him had failed. Now, here he was – grinning back at us from across the big wooden table.

Horses For Orphans Mission Opportunity

We are in the middle of the raining season, most days we get 6 hours per day and 4-5 per night of shattering loud, thundering rain. When we, Ingela and Richard, returned from Canada mid-January, we found our three horses in very bad shape, suffering from eating too much Brachiaria (a grass native to Africa which is fine for cows but horrible for horses) which caused a liver fungus and which in turn caused photo sensitivity.

Horses For Orphans Newsletter November 2015

Now that you have received the news of our desperate situation (with Regynaldo no longer working for Horses for Orphans) – we want to share a story of tragedy and triumph with you about our other son Douglas.

Horses For Orphans Christmas Newsletter 2014

2014 has been a full year of building, fixing and restoring on the farm. There have been so many great things happen over the past 12 months. Our biggest highlight was to have Douglas, one of our Brazilian sons come and live with us permanently. He is all settled on the farm and loves to live here.

Horses for Orphans Healing Young Hearts in Brazil

Savvy Times, the official magazine of Parelli Natural Horsemanship features the Horses for Orphans project in Brazil as their cover story.

Horses for Orphans transforming lives of children through natural horsemanship

For ranchers and producers who work with horses, the idea of "speak- ing a horse's language" and teaching it to children to develop horsemanship skills can sound a bit too close to the "Horse Whisperer" for comfort.

Horses For Orphans Newsletter

It is hard to believe that is has only been two and a half years since we pioneered the Horses for Orphans project in Brazil. We started with nothing, and at present we have more than 40 boys and girls involved with the nineteen horses at Betel Children's Home.

Horses For Orphans Newsletter Christmas 2012

We have some really great news to share. Reginaldo Isaias Lopes (one of our Brazilian son's) is with us in Canada until February. We needed a miracle for his visa and we got it. God is awesome.

Horses For Orphans Newsletter July 2013

The last few months have been bittersweet. Since autumn last year, we have been perplexed often, faced opposition, been confronted with situations that on human terms seemed hopeless, felt helpless regularly and at times we were challenged beyond what we thought we could bear, yet God was with us always and met us daily. His love, power and grace truly are enough!

Horses For Orphans Newsletter Christmas 2013

We have good news to report! After much searching we had found the perfect place for the new horse project. It is a small farm near Anapolis (about 1 hour from our previous project and about 2 hours from Brasilia) with a beautiful view.

Brazil Project Film - Part 2, March 2010

This is part 2 of the powerful story of how natural horsemanship is transforming the lives of orphans and at risk to be street children at a children's home in Brazil.

Brazil Project Film - Part 1, March 2010

This is part 1 of the powerful story of how natural horsemanship is transforming the lives of orphans and at risk to be street children at a children's home in Brazil.

Veterinarian Fernando Rolim on 'The Horse Show'

This video shows the veterinarian of the Horses for Orphans project in Brazil, Fernando Rolim. He is talking to Dianne Lamm of The Horse Show about Natural horsemanship in Brazil and his heart for the Horses for Orphans project.