The Horses for Orphans vision is that orphans, the fatherless and the vastly emotionally and materially underprivileged would personally encounter the love of God and come into a living relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, through the vehicle of natural horsemanship.

The vision becomes reality as we go into children's homes where orphans and children-at-risk live without their parents, bringing horses and using natural horsemanship as an analogy to teach about both the human heart and the heart of God. The horse serves as a palpable illustration, not only of the condition of the human heart; but the relationship we can form with horses mirrors the relationship we are meant to have with God.

We make it our mandate to empower the children we work with to gain a deeper understanding of their own hearts, and their relationship with God. Spiritual principles are clearly explained and illustrated through the very practical, tangible art of natural horsemanship.

By observing horse behaviour and by interacting with horses, the children discover key parallels to their own behaviour and interaction with others. Through insight gained concerning the state of their own hearts, they recognize the issues that have kept them from a deeper relationship with other people, God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The Horses for Orphans vision is also to provide secondary support to ministries, businesses, and leaders in many fields who carry a mandate to help others reach emotional and spiritual wholeness. These organizations and individuals find their reach and impact becomes exponentially more effective when augmented by the powerful allegories to our relationship with God present in natural horsemanship, offered by Horses for Orphans. We find that everyone can learn more effective communication, increased confidence and greater team skills as they move toward becoming the leaders they want to be.

In our work with orphans and the underprivileged, we provide the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to pursue a career with horses. We do this by offering a programme called The H-Factor System, by which the children study a variety of topics, including Horse Care, Horse Handling and Horse Riding. All of our teaching material is based in natural horsemanship principles; beyond traditional horsemanship tasks essential to equestrian establishments, our students gain a deep understanding of horse psychology and the way horses communicate. They gain leadership skills, better communication skills and the ability to prepare horses for a variety of equestrian sports using love, trust and honour.

Of the young people we work with, the ones that reach H-Factor qualification in Horse Care, Horse Handling or Horse Riding, and have a desire to become project leaders themselves, will have an opportunity to do so once they are of age. We help the others find work experience placements, and then employment, on yards as grooms, horse handlers or riders. Children with a passion for horses may want to pursue training in a range of different areas, from horse care, horse handling and riding, to becoming a clinician, or young horse starter. They may wish to get involved in manufacturing horsemanship equipment, or horseshoeing. They may even choose to pursue a veterinary career.

We at Horses for Orphans believe that to help the poor reject a poverty mindset and leave the lifestyle behind, it is not enough to just give them skills, as where there is no vision the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18.) We must help them find the dreams and passion God has placed in their hearts, and then help them pursue their vision to live in the fullness of their destiny. Each child has a different dream and once they catch a vision, they become unstoppable. This is the vision of Horses for Orphans.